The Montgomery Fire Department's Mission Statement:
It is the mission of The Montgomery Fire Department to preserve life and  property, promote public safety and fire prevention through leadership,  management and actions, as an all risk life safety response provider. It  is the department's endeavor to deliver the highest level of service to our residents with the utmost professionalism.

We are all volunteer and have been active and dedicated to our community since 1810. We're the oldest volunteer fire department in Orange County, having been organized on March 6th, 1810 with the appointment of the first three village fire wardens. We protect the residents of the Village of Montgomery as well as portions of the Town of Montgomery, totaling almost 17,000 citizens. Our district covers three large schools, a river, numerous lakes and ponds, and the Orange County Airport. Within our district, we respond to all fire, medical, hazmat, and rescue emergencies. We also provide mutual aid to surrounding fire districts (as they do to us) to increase capabilities during large incidents.

We have about 80 active members who respond from home, work, or wherever they may be. Each of our new members is at a minimum required to attend 90+ hours of the basic Firefighter 1 training provided by The New York State Department of State’s Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC). Also, new members may choose to take the basic Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-B) course which requires 140+ hours.

That basic training is only the beginning. The department holds regular weekly drills that can run up to three hours long. Members also regularly attend OFPC outreach classes at the Orange County Fire Training Center. Additionally, we bring in specialized training during the year. Over the past year we've had special training in Ice Rescue, Vehicle Extrication, and Thermal Imaging Cameras.

The fire service has dramatically changed over the 200 years we've been in existence. A hundred years ago, motorized apparatus were the biggest innovation. Fifty years ago, the self contained breathing apparatus was the hot topic. In 1958, we had two SCBAs in the department, now we have 31. These days, thermal imaging cameras are the latest breakthrough in firefighting technology (we currently have four). Our Department has grown substantially from 2 pieces of apparatus and 2 companies to today, where we run an Engine Compnay, a Truck Company, and a Fire Police Squad from our station. Each of our companies combined leave us with 2 Engines, 1 Ladder, 1 Rescue, 1 Fire Police Unit, 1 Brush Unit, 1 Medical Unit, 1 Boat, and 1 Ice Rescue Unit. For more information about our history, see "The History of Montgomery's Volunteer Professionals" written for our 200th Anniversary Parade Book.

We hope this website will be a new tool for us to introduce ourselves and interact with our community and neighbors to show them what we do.

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Rescue Runs Serious MVA on Route 17K
On August 17th at 1746 hours, MFD was dispatched to a motor vehicle accident on Route 17K involving a motorcycle and serious injuries. Car 1 (Pressler) and R-222 arrived to find the motorcycle and a separate vehicle with heavy damage and the seriously injured rider. MFD EMTs quickly treated and packaged the patient while Mobile Life Support Services arrived on scene. EMS requested the launch of a medevac and E-219 was dispatched out to set up a landing zone off of Route 17K. MLSS continued patient care and transported the patient to the landing zone where they were then flown to a local trauma center.
MFD Runs Medical Emergency Requiring Medevac
On August 15th at 2303 hours, MFD was dispatched to an ALS medical call on Route 17K for a subject with injuries from a fall. Car 1 (Pressler) and M-220 arrived before EMS and found a female patient with severe head trauma from a fall. The patient was packaged and primary care was established as Town of Montgomery EMS arrived. Upon their arrival, they requested that a medevac be launched. MFD was then dispatched for E-219 to establish a landing zone off of Route 17K for the helicopter. Town of Montgomery EMS and Mobile Life Support Services transported the patient to the landing zone and they were transported to a local trauma center.
MFD Runs Large Chemical Spill at UPS
At 2114 hours on July 8th, MFD was dispatched to a chemical spill at the UPS warehouse on Neelytown Road. As this was during drill, R-222, E-223, T-221, and E-219 quickly got on the road and were updated that the chemical involved was volatile when mixed with water. Car 1 (Pressler) immediately requested the hazmat team activation and constant weather reports due to the spill being outdoors and a large rain storm moving into the area. Once on scene, MFD evacuated the building and set up a hot zone for the 30-40 gallon spill. Car 1 requested a 2nd alarm be transmitted for the box bringing in Coldenham, Walden, Maybrook, Campbell Hall, and Vails Gate to the staging area on scene to be utilized if the chemical did react. Pine Bush, Bullville, and Mechanicstown were called to stand by at MFD. The OC hazmat team arrived as the heavy rain began to fall and they were able to secure and package the chemical before it was able to react with the ... More

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