Fire Police Squad

Fire Police Officers

Frank Hoffman


George Treutle


Steven Zukose

1st Lieutenant

Thomas Uberto

2nd Lieutenant

George Treutle


Robin Reynolds


Harry Luciano


Company Information

The Montgomery Fire Department Fire Police Squad Adopted 1971

Fire Police

The Fire Police Squad's main duty is to protect Montgomery's Bravest and the emergency scene while they are hard at work. The Fire Police members are often used at the scenes of motor vehicle accidents as traffic control, to protect our firefighters from inattentive drivers. The Fire Police also act as crowd control at large scale incidents such as structure fires and mass casualty incidents.

FP-225 is the Fire Police Squad's primary apparatus. FP-225 is a 2007 Chevy Suburban equipped with a rear sliding tray. The rear tray allows for easy access to cones, flares, barricades, and road signs that are used in traffic control operations. FP-225 responds to every alarm to assist in scene safety and traffic control.

Every member wishing to join the Fire Police Squad is required to take the New York State Fire Police class, which totals 21 hours. After this class, and upon acceptance into the squad, members are sworn in at the Town Court as New York State Peace Officers.

The Fire Police Squad holds their monthly meetings on the last Thursday of each month at 7:30pm at the fire station.

A Brief History of the Montgomery Fire Police Squad

Montgomery first adopted a Fire Police Squad in 1971 to be composed of volunteer firefighters to aid in traffic control and scene safety at emergency scenes. To go along with the adoption of a Fire Police Squad, the first fire police vehicle was donated to the squad by Al Turi from Goshen. Mr. Turi used it for a pool business and the van was in poor shape. The Fire Police Squad raised money to refurbish the vehicle on their own. They took the vehicle to the Wallkill Correctional Facility and had all the mechanical work re-done on it and painted. It then came back and the Fire Police Squad re-did the lights and interior. All money for the van was raised by the Fire Police Squad members themselves. After this van was retired, another Chevy van was purchased in the 1980's. This vehicle had more room to allow for more gear and more passengers. When this vehicle was retired in 2007, it was replaced by a 2007 Chevy Suburban with a rear slide out tray. The Fire Police Squad today helps protect Montgomery's firefighters at all emergency scenes and are on the front line in terms of department and public relations.