March 8

Crews Handle Tractor Trailer MVA on Route 211

At 0042 on March 8th, Montgomery Fire Department was dispatched to a reported motor vehicle accident involving a tractor trailer with heavy damage on Route 211 in the area of East Kaisertown Road. Car 1 (Pressler) and Rescue 222 quickly arrived on scene and found a tractor trailer blocking the roadway and into a tree with a large fuel spill. Crews quickly went to work to contain the diesel fuel leaks and assess the driver for injuries. Luckily, the driver suffered only minor injuries. Mechanicstown FD was notified that the incident was inside their district (by a matter of feet) and their fire police unit was requested to shut Route 211 down at Van Amburgh Road, while Montgomery Engine 219 shut Route 211 down at East Kaisertown Road. The State DEC spill response team was notified, along with County Hazmat and after the leak was contained, crews returned to quarters around 0400 while the DEC took control of the hazmat issue.