April 3

Engine to Warwick for 7 Alarm Structure Fire

At 0611 hours on April 3rd, MFD was dispatched under mutual aid to the Warwick Fire District with one engine to the scene of a 7th alarm structure fire at the Mid-State Lumber Yard on Kings Highway. Car 3, E-219, and M-225 responded and on arrival were tasked with relief duties for crews who had worked for over several hours. E-219 was tasked with relieving Monroe E-536 at a draft site at the old Mid-Orange Correctional Facility. E-219 was able to quickly pull a draft and take over for Monroe. MFD then proceeded to pump through 1500 feet of supply hose to another “relay” engine, which pumped another distance to Coldenham FD’s tower ladder that was operating on scene. MFD operated for several hours before being released.