February 12

Ladder to Walden for 3 Alarm Structure Fire

at 1140 hours on February 12th, MFD was for one ladder to the scene of a working house fire on Valley Avenue in the Walden Fire District. Truck 221 and Car 3 (Sharpe) arrived in Walden to a 2 1/2 story wood frame house with heavy smoke pushing from the structure. As Walden FD made an aggressive attack on the fire, Montgomery’s truck crew vertically vented the roof with the aerial. Once this vent was made, MFD crews began opening up the interior walls to locate hot spots and chase the fire along with Walden. The main body of the fire (which originated in the basement) was quickly knocked down, but crews operated for over 3 hours to fully extinguish the flames which had spread from the basement to the attic through the balloon frame construction of the home. Truck crews had to open up interior walls and the roofing in the attic to finally extinguish all visible flames.