May 21

MFD Drills on Roof Rescues

This past Tueday, May 21st, the firefighters of MFD drilled on rooftop rescue utilizing our ladder truck as a high point to safely remove a patient from a roof. This could be utilized if anyone suffers a medical or trauma emergency on a rooftop in our village and is unable to get to the ground under their own power. MFD members simulated a downed worker on the roof of our rear garage and set up our aerial to send firefighters to the roof. Once members were on the roof, they began to backboard and collar the patient before loading the patient into the stokes basket. Once loaded into the basket, the bridle harness system was attached to the basket and to the tip of the ladder. Members also attached two rope tag lines to the head and foot of the basket and dropped the rope bags to the ground so members on the ground could hold the basket steady while the aerial lifted the basket from the roof. While the basket was being lifted, a member remained on the tip of the ladder to direct and supervise all movement of the patient as they were lowered to the ground.