February 20

MFD Responds to Building Collapse

At 1522 hours on February 20th, MFD was dispatched to 151 Ward Street (Route 17K) for a partial building collapse involving vehicles. Car 1 (Pressler) arrived on scene to find the front of the building and awning overhang section had collapsed into the parking area and had came down on parked vehicles. It was also discovered that the collapse had trapped two individuals in a second floor apartment. Rescue 222 and other MFD crews quickly arrived on scene and they went to work to free the individuals and check for any victims in the collapse area. The Rescue crew used saws to cut away the collapsed awning to gain access to the doorway for the apartments and remove the upstairs residents. While performing these operations, a gas leak at the structure was discovered and the gas was subsequently shut off to prevent a fire or explosion. Car 1 also requested Coldenham FD to the scene with their rescue truck and manpower to assist. The residents were safely freed from the apartment and cleanup crews arrived soon after FD operations were complete to begin clearing the collapse. The collapse was determined to be from the weight of the snow and water on the roof.