September 22

MFD Runs 1 Alarm Structure Fire on Old Route 17K

At 0119 hours on September 22nd, MFD was dispatched to an automatic fire alarm off of Old Route 17K. Upon arrival, Car 3 (Sharpe) found a heavy smoke condition in the two story residence and requested the box be filled out. This brought an engine from Pine Bush and Bullville to the scene as well as an engine from Maybrook to stand by in Montgomery’s station. When MFD E-223 arrived, a hand line was stretched to the rear of the structure (floor 1) as crews investigated the source of the smoke. As crews operated, conditions deteriorated and a second hand line was stretched to the front door (floor 2). The source was soon located in the machine room for an elevator in the structure. MFD crews extinguished the small but smokey fire before it could find its way into the walls. The structure was then ventilated with smoke ejectors before residents were allowed to reenter. Assisting MFD on scene were the Pine Bush and Bullville Fire Departments, OC Sheriffs Office, and a OC Fire Investigator.