July 9

MFD Runs Large Chemical Spill at UPS

At 2114 hours on July 8th, MFD was dispatched to a chemical spill at the UPS warehouse on Neelytown Road. As this was during drill, R-222, E-223, T-221, and E-219 quickly got on the road and were updated that the chemical involved was volatile when mixed with water. Car 1 (Pressler) immediately requested the hazmat team activation and constant weather reports due to the spill being outdoors and a large rain storm moving into the area. Once on scene, MFD evacuated the building and set up a hot zone for the 30-40 gallon spill. Car 1 requested a 2nd alarm be transmitted for the box bringing in Coldenham, Walden, Maybrook, Campbell Hall, and Vails Gate to the staging area on scene to be utilized if the chemical did react. Pine Bush, Bullville, and Mechanicstown were called to stand by at MFD. The OC hazmat team arrived as the heavy rain began to fall and they were able to secure and package the chemical before it was able to react with the water. MFD assisted the hazmat team with decontamination before returning to service. During this alarm, MFD was received a tree and wires on fire call that was handled by Bullville FD on Albany Post Road.