January 25

MFD Runs Two Serious MVA’s, One with Driver Trapped

Saturday’s snowstorm brought with it a busy day for Montgomery firefighters. Throughout the day, MFD responded to 6 emergency calls ranging from automatic fire alarms, motor vehicle accidents, to a carbon monoxide alarm. During the height of the storm, MFD handled two serious motor vehicle accidents, the first occurring at 1257 hours on Beaver Dam Road. MFD was dispatched to a two car motor vehicle accident with unknown injuries. Car 1 (Pressler) and Rescue 222 quickly got on the road and found two vehicles hit head on with one driver trapped. Rescue 222 began vehicle stabilization and patient care while Engine 219 arrived to assist. Once the vehicles were stabilized, a door pop was performed on one of the vehicles to free the trapped driver. Drivers of both vehicles were packaged and transported to local hospitals by MLSS. A few hours later, at 1636 hours, MFD was again dispatched for a motor vehicle accident, this time with an unconscious driver in the vehicle. Car 1 (Pressler) and Rescue 222 got on the road again and found one vehicle into a tree on Route 17K near the Town Park. Crews stabilized the vehicle and began patient care on the now conscious patient. MFD assisted patient packaging while TOMVAC and MLSS transported the patient to a local hospital.