April 27

Montgomery Accepts Delivery of 2 New Engines!

On April 27th at 1000 hours, the new 2013 Engine 223 and Engine 219 were delivered by Ferrara Fire Apparatus. E-223 is a 2000 GPM pumper / tanker designed for water shuttle operations and fighting fires outside of the hydranted area of the village. E-223 also has an on board 120 gallon foam tank and 2000 gallons of water. E-219 is a 2000 GPM rescue / pumper designed for fighting water in the village’s hydranted areas. E-219 has a 1000 gallon water tank and a 60 gallon foam tank. By sundown on Saturday, E-223 was in service and the old E-223 was leaving for its new home in Indiana. All day Sunday was spent putting E-219 into service. Both Saturday and Sunday were filled with plenty of driver training, pump training, and moving tools and hose from old to new. As of Sunday night at 1600, both new Engines were in service and ready for their first alarms! If anyone would like to see the new apparatus up close, just stop by the station any time, or on a Tuesday drill night at 7 PM and ask any member! The old E-219 has yet to be delivered to it’s new owners (in Michigan) and will remain in the fire station until Wednesday when it is picked up. There has been no wetdown date set as of yet.