July 30

Rescue Crew Handles Minor Extrication on Albany Post Road

At 0825 hours on July 30th, MFD was dispatched to a two car auto accident with one vehicle rolled over and possibly involving a police car. Car 2 (Hank) and Rescue 222 quickly arrived on scene to find a pick up truck on its side down an embankment and a State Police Tahoe damaged in the roadway. Crews assessed the patients and went on to disconnect the batteries from both vehicles. Upon disconnecting the batteries from the pick up truck, the Rescue crew was advised that extrication was needed on the Police vehicle to free two K-9s that were trapped in their rear compartment. 222’s crew used the Jaws of Life and a set of irons to ‘pop’ the driver’s side rear door of the Tahoe and were able to free the K-9s, who appeared unharmed and were released to their handler. MFD operated on scene for a short time later to disconnect the Police vehicle’s batteries and was then released.