December 3

Rescue Runs Water/Ice Rescue on River Road

At 1035 hours on December 3rd, MFD was dispatched to assist Town PD with a rescue call involving a vehicle partially submerged in an icy pond with the occupants trapped ontop of the vehicle. Car 1 (Pressler) and Rescue 222 arrived on scene to find the vehicle in the center of a small pond off of the roadway with the two occupants sitting on the roof of the submerged vehicle. The rescue crew quickly went to work to gain access to the victims by extending a 24 foot ladder from the shore to the hood of the vehicle. Once this bridge was set, Lt. Mulvenna was sent across in an ice water rescue suit to access the victims. The ladder was then stabilized on the vehicle end and the Lieutenant assisted the two victims across the ladder to the Shore team lead by Capt. Quinn. Both victims were assessed by EMTs on scene and MFD remained on scene to asist the tow company hook up the submerged vehicle