December 2

Rescue to Maybrook for Structure Collapse

At 1241 on December 2nd, MFD was dispatched for one rescue with manpower to the scene of a structure collapse in the Maybrook Fire District. Upon arrival, Montgomery Rescue 222 and Car 1 (Pressler) went straight to work. Crews unloaded airbags and vehicle stabilization struts, along with various wood cribbing to begin assisting Maybrook stabilizing the structure. Various airbags, struts, cribs, and jacks were used to support a concrete embankment that had collapsed onto three construction workers. The rescue crew also blasted wet concrete off the rubble with a hand line to prevent additional weight to accumulate. Two workers were pulled from the rubble quickly after arrival; but the recovery of the third worker, who unfortunately did not survive, took hours of tedious work. Aside from MFD, the County Technical Rescue Team, Mechanicstown FD, Monticello FD, Goshen FD, Walden FD and other various agencies worked on scene to make the rescues and perform recovery. THR story is below.