1. What is the Montgomery Fire Department about?

We are a fire / rescue organization comprised 100% of volunteers that respond to fires, vehicle accidents, aircraft accidents, hazardous conditions, hazardous material spills, and emergency medical calls. We provide an incredible atmosphere with state-of-the-art apparatus and equipment.


2. Would the Fire Department want Me?

The Montgomery Fire Department is actively seeking new members to join it's ranks. We are comprised of active members ranging from teenagers to seniors. While the majority of active members are young, members of all ages are welcome. Our department does not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, national origin, age, or sex and opportunities within the organization are equally available to everyone meeting established criteria.


3. What are the Membership Types?

  • Interior Firefighter - Senior firefighters who enter buildings to fight fires
  • Exterior Firefighter - Firefighters who do not enter buildings, but help with outside duties such as raising ladders and stretching hose
  • Emergency Medical Technician - EMT's treat patients from vehicle accidents, fires, and the regular medical calls
  • Fire Police - Fire Policemen direct traffic around incident scenes and shut down roadways to protect our firefighters and the general public at large
  • Junior Members - 16-17 year olds who wish to become full interior firefighters. These members have the same boundaries as exterior members until they have completed FF1 and turn 18, once this is done they become Interior Firefighters


4. What would I be expected to do as a Firefighter or EMT?

Once all the minimum training requirements and competencies are met, a firefighter or EMT will be expected to perform the complete range of duties expected at a variety of incidents. Active members respond to calls for assistance that involve saving lives and property. Firefighting, EMS and rescue work involves exposure to dangerous situations, physical exertion, extreme heat, hazardous conditions, heights, and the potential risk of injury in performing duties or handling equipment. In addition to the previously mentioned, visual / mental exposure to a variety of potentially dramatic and disturbing scenes in performing duties at fire, rescue, and medical incidents which could involve exposure to blood, dismemberment, and death may be encountered. Anyone considering becoming a firefighter should evaluate their own physical and mental limitations and give serious consideration to the personal risk involved and, if necessary, discuss any concerns with a member of the membership committee prior to submitting a membership application.


5. What are the Physical / Medical Conditions that I must meet?

Firefighting and EMS ,including rescue work, can be spontaneously physically demanding covering short or prolonged periods. While there currently is no required physical or agility test to become or remain a Firefighter or EMT, those participating at fire / rescue scenes, training exercises, drills, and performing other non-emergency duties, should be physically fit to the degree that they are able to perform the tasks necessary to accomplish the demands without creating a considerable life safety burden to themselves, fellow members or the public to which we serve.


6. What are the Membership Requirements?

Prospective Membership:

  • Complete and Submit a membership application
  • Meet with and discuss the application with a membership committee member
  • Successfully pass a department physical and an arson investigation background check.
  • Be voted in as a probationary member by the company at a general membership meeting.
  • Serve a probationary membership period of one year
  • Be enrolled in any of the following Firefighter I, Scene Support Ops, or Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) course prior to the end of the probationary period.
  • Be voted in as an active member by the company members at a general membership meeting.


7. Maintaining Active Membership:

  • Active members must meet a percentage level of calls, membership meeting and drills as outlined in the company and department by-laws.
  • Completion of any of the following Firefighter I, Scene Support Ops, Emergency Medical Technician


8. What are the Membership Benefits?

General benefits:

  • Obtaining skills that boosts self esteem.
  • Learn teamwork and its rewards.
  • Personal enrichment through helping others.
  • Enhance ones physical and mental well being.
  • Camaraderie and lifelong friendships.
  • Become part of an extended family (brotherhood)
  • All firefighting, rescue and emergency medical training is provided.
  • Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) [Retirement].
  • Scholarships for college students through county, state and federal organizations.
  • New York State Income Tax Credits and Property Tax Exemption for volunteers.
  • A great sense of community and serving a good cause.
  • Uniforms provided, Possible Career Potential, College Credit within Federal, State and County training classes.
  • Opportunities for advancement and responsibility on both the operational and administrative side of the MFD.
  • Full gym reimburstments, if attending a gym 12 times a month.
  • High speed Internet access network.


9. Potential Benefits from Enhanced Training:

  • Free New York State, County and National Professional Certifications (which can help with career opportunities and meeting college degree requirements)
  • Free select training offered by New York State Fire Training Programs awards college credit towards a college degree.
  • Greater Career (Paid) Opportunities (with some career training / certification requirements already being met)


10. How Do I Join?

Anyone considering joining the MFD should read this page in its entirety, must be at least 16 years old or older and stop by the fire station, located at 136 Ward Street, to speak to any member to discuss potential membership and to obtain an application packet. Interested individuals may also submit their information on the "Apply to Join" form on our website and we will contact you!